• Draft Calendar for Comment

    Good Day Portsmouth,

    I am your Chair, Shawn Postera, and below is our upcoming calendar of events! We are really excitied to volunteer in our community and want to know what you think of this draft calendar! Any comments can go to portsmouthchair@gmail.com! Thank you!

    Draft Calendar


    Month                             Events                            Organziers                    Notes

    November 2017

    Film Unprepared

    Mary-Margaret & Shawn


    Board Meeting

    Shawn and Nicole

    We are going to have board training and vote on anything pending


    Winter Social

    Shawn & Who wants to help

    Thinking about a Sat in the afternoon at Columbia Cottage

    Feb 6th

    Community Forum on Ballot Measures

    Shawn and Mary-Margaret

    Mary reaching out to Ballot Measures who have contacted us. Shawn reached out to Multco Elections who will be there to register people to vote and UPNA for Co-sponsorship


    Free Hot Soup: Portsmouth Trinity Lutheran

    PNA Board

    Volunteering in our neighborhood and going to invite everyone to join us: date pending.


    Earth Month

    Solve-Nicole Dumpster Day Shawn and Jennifer

    Do we want to combine these events and see if UPNA wants to co-sponsor




    Shawn and Nicole



    PedelPoolza Ride: Portsmouth Parkways

    Mary-Margaret and Angel



    Neighborhood Night out sign up, planning, outreach and parties!


    1. Board will discuss supporting scholarships again 2. outreach events