• Intersection Painting and Place-Making Project!

    Intersection Painting and Place-Making Project!

    This May, Portsmouth neighbors will be painting the streets of Portsmouth!

     We are currently accepting design ideas for a street painting at the 5-point intersection of N Fortune, N Houghton and N Superior, right along the new Neighborhood Greenway. Current design ideas include elements from Portsmouth’s history, local landmarks, and local wildlife and native plants. The deadline for submissions is Sunday March 9th, and you can email your ideas to ourbeautifulfortune@gmail.com, or drop them off at 8959 N Fortune Ave. Here's an outline of the intersection, plus design guidelines:

    These street paintings, (also known as “Intersection Repair” projects) have been popping up all over Portland since 2000, when the local community-building organization City Repair (http://www.cityrepair.org ) created “Share-It Square” at SE Sherritt and 8th. Many of these projects also include gardens, community notice boards, Little Free Libraries, cob benches, tea stations and more, all created by neighbors for their neighborhoods. These projects build community and strengthen neighborhood ties, and many people have reported that their neighborhoods also feel safer as a result.

    SE 8th and Sheritt, Cobb Bench

    Please email ourbeautifulfortune@gmail.com if you would like to help us paint the street at N Fortune, Houghton and Superior this May, if you have ideas to share with us, if you would like to help build a Little Free Library, benches, or a community notice board, if you’re interested in helping plant trees or native plants by the intersection, to join our mailing list for project updates, or just to share your enthusiasm or support!


    Learn more about “Placemaking” and “Intersection Repair” at http://www.cityrepair.org

    Connect to Portsmouth neighbors interested in Placemaking projects at Next Door Portsmouth Page

     And don’t forget to support our project’s supporters!

    The Portsmouth Neighborhood Association: http://portsmouthneighborhood.com

    Miller Paint: http://www.millerpaint.com

    The Rebuilding Center: http://www.rebuildingcenter.org

    The Sundown Pub, 5903 N Lombard St: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sundown-Pub/123498251009286

    By Monica Roxburgh, Portsmouth Neighbor