This Month's Meeting Agenda

PNA Community Meeting – Tuesday, January 20, 2014 from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Bridge Meadows – 8502 N. Wayland Avenue


Meeting Purpose:

This is the monthly PNA board meeting to discuss topics/proposals that have surfaced. The community is invited and welcome to attend.


Facilitator:                                                     Time Keeper:

Erica Timm – Chair                                     Amy Michet – Vice Chair



Discussion Topics:


6:30-6:35 p.m.          Welcome/Approval of December Minutes – Board vote


6:35-6:40 p.m.          Financial Update – Karen Ward

Update on current board financials and upcoming potential expenses.


6:40-6:50 p.m.          Grievance Procedure Review – Board Discussion

Discuss/create a plan on how we want to set up the February community meeting; inviting local businesses has been suggested, or, potentially other ideas?

6:50-7:00 p.m.          PIR Good Neighbor Agreement – Board Discussion

Review Good Neighbor Agreement to consolodate comments to be documented and shared w/ Kenton NA.


7:00-7:15 p.m.          February Community Meeting Presentations – Board Discussion 

Continue the discussion from last meeting regarding the February Community meeting and talk about the plan to reach out to neighbors and community businesses.

7:15-7:25 p.m.          PNA Committee Updates – Board Update

  • Website & Blog
  • Concerts in the Park – North Portland Series
  • Neighborhood Clean Up Day
  • Community Art
  • Tree Team
  • Land Use

7:25-7:30 p.m.          Emergency items for consideration        

Next Meeting – Tuesday, February 17 at 6:30 p.m. (Community Mtg!)