Neighborhood Association Goals

2019 / 2020

At the May 2019 Board Election, attendees developed these goals, which may be further developed and fleshed out by the Board. 


Our focus is below, but we welcome you to bring your expertise forward in helping us with these or any passion you may have to share with us. 

  • Emergency prepardness
  • Community meet ups/socials
  • Earth Month Activities to clean up our neighborhood in April
  • Public Safety: focus on transportation including walkability and biking
  • Houselessness: Conversations on homeless and how to prevent this and end it. 
  • Elections: Opportunities to register to vote and to learn more about ballot measures with information and discussions. 
  • Land Use: Code Reconcillation Project and 2035 Comp Plan are priorities for all of us to think about and make sure we tell the City what we think with there many platforms for feedback.


In August of 2015, the board met and discussed ongoing priorities. You can view the detailed results of that conversation here. To summarize, the board agreeed to the following activities and priorities:



During the summer of 2013, the board gathered together for some neighborhood goal setting and hoping to pursue the following projects. 

Neighborhood Projects:

  • Enhance Neighborhood Communications -This has been started by uplifting the website, and creating a community calendar. We're always looking for guest bloggers, interesting presenters for upcoming meetings and new ideas, so if this is your fortay, please let us know!
  • Neighborhood Events - The focus event this year will likely be an event in a neighborhood park. If you're interested in events, or simply have a great idea, or some time to share, join us in planning fun and cool events for Portsmouth!
  • Community Art - We'd love to see more art in Portsmouth, and are looking into mural, intersection repair and other options. If you're an artist, or simply love art, join us here!
  • Community Placemaking - We're hoping to do some positive neighborhood outreach and increase neighborhood enagement. If you love Portsmouth too, let's spread the Portsmouth love together!
  • Clean Up Day - Help plan our neighborhood clean up day - the day when folks can not only shed their homes of excess things, but also be involved in a community clean up project, if they'd like. If this is important to you, we'd love you help!
We'd love you help, so please let us know if you're interested in any of the below projects, or different project, by filling out this form.