Block Parties

Block Parties!

Get to know your neighbors and foster community on a hyper-local basis by hosting a block party!

Typically but not always, these are street parties at which all neighbors are invited to enjoy food, conversation, music and activities together. Sometimes it is just an opportunity for neighbors to take time out of their busy lives to get to know each other.

Block Parties may also have a more structured purpose. For example, the first Tuesday of every August, dozens of Block Parties are held as part the Crime Prevention program, National Night Out. Some neighbors use it as an opportunity to talk together about how they'd respond to things like an earthquake or snowstorm, or other potential or current challenges such as dangerous or annoying traffic, enviromental concerns, or other issues they face. Or, they just have a party. :)

It's easy to hold a block party in Portsmouth!

You can get a $50 micro grant for a block party held in the Portsmouth neighborhood. To apply, click here. It's intended to support neighbors coming together and building community in Portsmouth. Eligible applications that meet the criteria will be funded in the order received whille funds last. They are available through October 1st and the application is available through September 15.

Close your street! The PBOT Block Party website has information about how to register a street block party and borrow a free set of barricades from the Charles Jordan Community Center.

If you're shy or don't know many neighbors yet, maybe you'd like to start with a written questionnaire for your neighbors? Here's an example sheet you can use. (Save a copy and you can edit it.)

Once you have a party, maybe you'd like to start a phone tree or contact list? This is a template you can save and edit, or print and fill out hard copy. The second page has handy information for people living in Portsmouth.

Here's a template for a flyer you can use to let neighbors know it's happening.

For more information or if you have suggestions, email